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Life University

Life University

Marietta, Georgia, USA

1269 Barclay Circle
Marietta, Georgia
30060 USA
(1+) 770 426 2600

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We offer a variety of revolutionary undergraduate and graduate programs rooted in innovation and purpose, along with the world’s most extensive and philosophically sound chiropractic program. Life University (LIFE) is breaking boundaries in multiple disciplines across the health and wellness spectrum by impacting and inspiring future leaders to become life-changing revolutionaries. We encourage our students to think freely and embrace reformative ideas, allowing the student to maximize their innate potential.

Four elements that a LIFE education incorporates includes:

  • Values = Eight Core Proficiencies that advance personal integrity and provide the foundation for success, social contribution and cultural change
  • Philosophy = Vitalism—the understanding and principle that the human body is a self-organizing, self-maintaining and self-healing organism
  • Wellness = A Portfolio of programs and services that help people optimize their personal performance
  • Service = Lasting Purpose—To Give, To Do, To Love, To Serve out of a Sense of Abundance

We have specialized degrees in our undergraduate and graduate programs, with defined pre-professional tracks in the realm of natural and vital health including an accelerated pre-chiropractic track, graduate programs in sport health science, clinical nutrition, athletic training and positive psychology; and a doctorate program in Chiropractic.

Life University is an international institution committed to advancing the vital health revolution through education, social and clinical research, and serving as a think tank for global conversations that enhance the human experience.