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McTimoney College of Chiropractic

McTimoney College of Chiropractic

Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Christina Cunliffe, Ph.D., D.C.
St James Building
79 Oxford Street
M1 6FQ

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Established in 1972, the McTimoney College of Chiropractic offers a range of Chiropractic programmes at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The mission of the McTimoney College is to educate and train students in the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic in order to make a contribution to improving the healthcare of the public. All degrees are awarded validated by BPP University.

In 2014 McTimoney College established its second campus in the centre of Manchester, the first chiropractic College to deliver training in the North of England.

Teaching a broad range of practical techniques and with a very high tutor to student ratio, the College’s Manchester campus delivers a Masters in Chiropractic (MChiro) which provides the necessary skills, knowledge and hands-on experience needed to become a safe and competent chiropractor.

The unique extended five-year MChiro delivered in Manchester has been specifically designed for adult learners and to allow study alongside work and family commitments. The MChiro is recognised by the General Chiropractic Council, the statutory body for regulating chiropractic in the UK.

Located in the St James’s building on Oxford Road, the convenient location of the campus close to Manchester airport, and the unique delivery mode of the curriculum, provides an ideal fly-in fly-out option for those wishing to travel from Scotland, Ireland, and mainland Europe, as well as those already situated in the north of the UK.

After graduation, possibilities for postgraduate study include MSc level programmes in chiropractic for animals and for children, as well as a range of study days counting towards continuing professional development.