The Rubicon Group Committed to the highest standards of educational excellence and Chiropractic clinical mastery.


The work of The Rubicon Group (TRG) is directed by a series Strategic Initiatives developed by the member institutions of TRG. The Strategic Initiatives are each supported by programs and projects designed to see that the intent of each initiative is accomplished. In turn, each program and project, is underpinned by specific tactics to fulfill the expectations of each initiative

  • Strategic Initiative 1: Strengthening Educational Fundamentals
  • Strategic Initiative 2: Redefining Global Resource Allocation
  • Strategic Initiative 3: Unifying Our Research and Outreach Efforts

1a. Development of new chiropractic educational programs

1b. Design and support innovative curricular models as well as organizational design elements and marketing programs for emerging chiropractic educational programs

1c. Envision, design, plan and deliver continuing education conferences and programs to assist emerging and established chiropractic educational programs in achieving their respective missions and goals

1d. Envision, design, plan and deliver educational and clinical standards and accompanying testing/measurement approaches consistent with the group mission relative to chiropractic education

2a. Share expertise, ideas and human resources available to program participants as fully and completely as possible.

2b. Explore and implement innovative educational and clinical technologies among the participating institutions with a goal toward application of these technologies in emerging programs.

2c. Envision, design, plan and implement marketing and enrollment strategies as a group to facilitate a deeper applicant pool for all participating programs and explore strategic use of scholarship awards to facilitate the growth of the profession in key areas.

3a. Convene the research personnel from participating institutions with a goal of developing a common research agenda that maximizes the personnel, resources and opportunities shared among the participating institutions.

3b. Develop effective and contemporary patient education strategies and materials as a means of conveying a consistent message and developing a brand for the organization with respect to the public’s awareness of chiropractic care. This effort is intended to be heavily oriented to maximizing social media-related developments and opportunities.

3c. Collect, organize and develop needed information to positively impact health policy development.