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Discussions and Guidance: The Chiropractor and COVID-19 Issues

The Rubicon Group, in cooperation with its member programs and institutions, is pleased to present a series of discussions on the COVID-19 global pandemic and its interface with the global chiropractic community. These discussions are intended to provide feedback to the chiropractic community as we continue caring for patients and our broader communities during these unusual times.

The key messages we wish to emphasize include the following:

  • The need to be aware of and follow guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as that of the authorities in the jurisdiction of practice
  • The need to provide accurate, up-to-date and fact-based information, to the best of our ability and experience, with respect to all health-related matters, especially COVID-19 issues
  • The need to provide information about the basic science mechanisms associated with chiropractic care that could impact the infectious disease response of the human organism as well as the need to acknowledge inadequate evidence upon which to base any clinical claim associated with chiropractic care in this environment
  • The need to reflect upon evidence-based best practices that aim to enhance host resilience by identifying health facilitators, as well as disease risk factors, in applying clinical interventions and self-care / lifestyle-related advice
  • The need to provide guidance and counsel to the chiropractic community regarding the best approaches from a health, public safety and community responsibility perspective to be used at this time

To these ends we offer the following conversations to the chiropractic community. We encourage your careful and thoughtful review of these materials and an application of them in the spirit of community service from which they are offered.