The Rubicon Group Committed to the highest standards of educational excellence and Chiropractic clinical mastery.


The Rubicon Group began as an informal gathering among persons and institutions holding similar perspectives on chiropractic, chiropractic education and desires for the future of the profession. The first meeting of The Rubicon Group was convened at the suggestion of Life University President Guy F. Riekeman, D.C. on September 10-11, 2012 on the campus of Life University.

In the weeks, months and years since this first meeting, the participants of The Rubicon Group have met semi-annually to continue to explore a common vision for the future of the chiropractic profession around the globe, as well as to develop the organization itself to be better prepared to facilitate that shared future.

Since 2012, the participants in The Rubicon Group have adopted a mission for the organization and a series of strategic initiatives to be pursued in the name of The Rubicon Group. At its core, The Rubicon Group seeks to support and aid in the development of chiropractic education around the globe through the sharing of expertise, resources and capacities.

In March 2016, The Rubicon Group concluded the “quiet phase” of its development and ‘went public” with our first conference in London. Later that year a second conference was held in Geneva, Switzerland coinciding with a series of meetings at the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as a series of meetings with the European Chiropractors’ Union. In April 2017, The Rubicon Group hosted its third conference, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. In May 2018, The Rubicon Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in cooperation with Life University. Paris, France was the location of the 2019 iteration of The Rubicon Conference. Information from each conference can be found under CONFERENCES tab.